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Labor Camp Message Force Multiplier Instruments

Custom built mechanical leaflet dispensers

Labor Camp Message Force Multiplier Instruments is an edition of 8 custom devices for mechanical dissemination of printed leaflets. Designed and built in 2008 for the initial deployment during the ZERO1 festival in San Jose, the dispensers continue their Multiplier tasks in a variety of situations and venues. Two types of Multiplier boxes are designed to function both: outdoors (battery operated units), and indoors (powered by AC current). Each unit methodically releases leaflet sheets at an approximate rate of one sheet per 2.5 minutes. Leaflets designed to the military standards of the "auto-rotator" type, gracefully descend to the ground, and are available to the public. See links below for examples of Labor Camp leaflet designs utilized for the IF/THEN Projects.


Message Force Multiplier units have been deployed as part of the following events and exhibitions:

ZERO1 Festival, San Jose, June 2008
Superlight Exhibition, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, May-August 2008
Theater Of Operations, The Historic Allen Theatre, Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, July 2008
UnConvention, Minneapolis, September 2008
Position and Imposition, MCAD Gallery, Minneapolis, August-September 2008
Superlight Exhibition, MOCA Cleveland, Cleveland, January-May 2009

   Fig. 01 : Labor Camp Message Force Multiplier Instruments

   Fig. 02 : Labor Camp Message Force Multiplier Instrument: Front, Back, Side Views

   Fig. 03 : Labor Camp Message Force Multiplier Instrument: With Dinnar/Dollar leaflets

   Fig. 04 : IF/THEN Leaflet Project in San Jose, June 2008

   Fig. 05 : IF/THEN Leaflet Project in Minneapolis, September 2008

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