Labor Camp

The Stadium Project

An Intercative Video Installation

The esthetic of The Stadium Project is rooted in the massive stadium performance displays championed by the totalitarian regimes (see Fig. 5 for examples from North Korea), in which thousands of people display large colored panels collectively creating huge dynamic compositions.

The Stadium Project proposes an inversion of this collective dynamic: from the original scenario, where every individual becomes a single "pixel" of color submitted to the display of State-approved messages--to this interactive display, in which an army of anonymous on-screen "digital performers" displays messages defined by the singular audience users.

Conceptually The Stadium Project touches on an intricate set of relationships between One and Many; between an individual and Society; between Private and Public. It empowers and enlarges the voice of an individual, while referencing the inflated language and visual vocabulary of State propaganda.

   Fig. 01 : The Stadium Project: screen grabs

   Fig. 02 : The Stadium Project: Installation photos

   Fig. 03 : The Stadium Project: installation video

   Fig. 04 : The Stadium Project: implemented during a lecture at the Walker Art Center, January 2007
   (Pictured from left to right: Piotr Szyhalski, Steve Dietz, Caleb Coppock, Beth Van Dam, Trygve Nordberg, Oliver Grudem)

   Fig. 05 : Examples of the North Korean stadium performance displays

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