Labor Camp

Labor Camp Study Room : A / B

Altered furniture, electronics, sound, video, and printed matter
Installation at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis
June 09 - September 23, 2007

Labor Camp Study Room : A / B is the first installment of the series of Study Rooms developed by Szyhalski as a physical platform for presentation of the works within the framework of the Labor Camp Project.
The installations consists of two environments constructed on two sides of a single wall. Study Room A (Fig. 01) presents a selection of Labor Camp Orchestra sound works, and a continuous variable video stream. Study Room B (Fig. 03) allows the users to explore a vast archive of archival recordings documenting a wide range of extreme of historical phenomena.

   Fig. 01 : Study Room A (front wall)

   Fig. 02 : Study Room A / B (ephemera distributed throughout the exhibition)

   Fig. 03 : Study Room B (back wall)

Additional materials:

Labor Camp Study Room: C
Labor Camp Study Room videos
Manure and Poetry: An Evening with the Labor Camp Orchestra
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