Labor Camp

Theater of Operations

The Second Sonic Reenactment of Operation Iraqi Freedom

March 6-22, 2009 at MCAD Gallery 148, Minneapolis

Sound, video, custom software, printed matter, installation
by Piotr Szyhalski
and Labor Camp Orchestra

This is the second installation of the Theater Of Operations project, which premiered at the Historic Allen Theatre in Cleveland in 2008. Presented in a smaller venue, this version utilizes sixteen synchronized audio streams and eight simultaneous video streams.


A Labor Camp Orchestra CD containing audio selections from the "Theater of Operation" Project is now available.

   Fig. 01 : Theater Of Operations : television stuctures displaying the source video materials

   Fig. 02 : Theater Of Operations : Audience interactions : Photographs by Erin Nicole Johnson for MCAD

   Fig. 03 : Theater Of Operations : General installation view

   Fig. 04 : Theater Of Operations : Installation detail

   Fig. 05 : Theater Of Operations : Text books

   Fig. 06 : Theater Of Operations : External signage

   Fig. 07 : Theater Of Operations : The Second reenactment poster


All instruments and voices by Labor Camp Orchestra, with the following additions:

Double Bass:
Sara Thompson

Arabic Voice:
Ahmed Zikiri

English Voices:
Rebecca Alm
Emmet Byrne
David Goldes
Oliver Grudem
Justin Heideman
Joan Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Kristin Makholm
Abinadi Meza
Rosie Szychalski
Piotr Szyhalski
Paul Wenzel

All tracks written, produced and performed by Piotr Szyhalski.
Musical compositions are based on Erik Satie's "Vexations".

All Arabic texts are based on messages from American and Coalition Forces leaflets disseminated over Iraq and Afghanistan during the current Iraq war as well as during the 1991 Gulf War.

All English texts are based on the transcripts from YouTube videos shot in Iraq (see the PROCESS page).

Video text transcriptions:
Rosie Szychalski

Generous support from the 2008 Ingenuity Cleveland Festival of Art and Technology
and the Minneapolis College of Art + Design is gratefully acknowledged.

Additional materials:

Theater Of Operations: PROCESS: Notes on the methodologies and development of the Theater Of Operations project.
Theater Of Operations, The First Sonic Reenactment Of Operation Iraqi freedom: First installation in Cleveland, 2008.
White Star Cluster, The Third Sonic Reenactment Of Operation Iraqi freedom: Third installation in Gijon, Spain 2009-2010.
Theater Of Operations CD containing the audio content of the "White Star Cluster" and "Theater Of Operations" Projects.
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