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Theater Of Operations : PROCESS

Notes on the methodologies and development of the Theater Of Operations projects.

The following is an example of the development path for one of the audio components from the Theater Of Operations project. All materials utilized in the making of this series had undergone similar treatment. Although some inter-cutting, editing of order, or sequencing of statements took place, all of the words spoken in the entire Theater Of Operations project are derived solely from the archival video footage from Iraq.

   Fig. 01 : Example of primary source video

   Fig. 02 : Sample from the transcript of the Fig. 01 video

   Fig. 03 : Sample of the final edited lyrics based on the Fig. 01 video

   Fig. 04 : Sniper World : example of final audio composition utilizing texts derived from the Fig. 01 video

   Fig. 05 : As a supplemental material, all texts are provided to the audience in the printed form.

The following links provide a reference to examples of YouTube videos used as a basis for all the texts used in the "Theater of Operations" project:

video example 01
video example 02
video example 03
video example 04
video example 05
video example 06
video example 07
video example 08
video example 09
video example 10
video example 11
video example 12

The final selections of texts extracted from the video transcripts: Theater of Operations TEXTS PDF

Additional materials:

Theater Of Operations, The First Sonic Reenactment Of Operation Iraqi freedom: First installation in Cleveland, 2008.
Theater Of Operations, The Second Sonic Reenactment Of Operation Iraqi freedom: Second installation in Minneapolis, 2009.
White Star Cluster, The Third Sonic Reenactment Of Operation Iraqi freedom: Third installation in Gijon, Spain 2009-2010.
Theater Of Operations CD containing the audio content of the "White Star Cluster" and "Theater Of Operations" Projects.

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